Research and Innovation

Cura Natura farming system is a dynamic reality that never stops experimenting, in which on site experience joins both a continuous research and the use of innovative technologies.

The Cura Natura Pura system


The Cura Natura system is a program that our company has realized in association with the Ferri Group and the Department of Veterinary Medical Sciences of the University of Bologna.

This project involves the use of low-protein foods combined with a specific water purification process that our animals drink.

Our aim is to improve animal welfare and reduce the emission of nitrogen in animal manures to produce a lower environmental impact.

Water delivered with watering purposes is filtered through CNW7 valves, an ecological device using a system made of hexagonal cells to create a continuous flow that activates water natural molecules.

The beneficial effects both on animals and meat quality are numerous, such as the stimulation of the physiological balance of fluids in the body, the balance of oxidation reactions, the inhibition of free radicals production, the stimulation of enzymatic activity, the detoxification of the organism, a significant antibacterial effect and lower levels of nitrogen, producing positive effects on animal manures and odors.

The environmental benefits consist in creating more healthy environments, eliminating flies, midges, bacteria and viruses. In other words, we believe in health and cleanliness to produce meat that always has a richer and better taste.

A special biscuit for our sows


That is a type of food studied by Cura Natura and realized by the nutritionists working for Ferri Group.

The attractive shape of these biscuits contains a mix of vitamins, fibre and tannins derived from chestnut extracts.

We give this kind of biscuits to our sows when their pregnancy is diagnosed and they are put in group pens.

Our biscuits do not only help salivation and improve digestion, they also reduce stressful situations providing a relaxing effect on voracious eaters and creating a better lifestyle within the herd.

As Steve Jobs once said:
“Do you want to sell sugar water for the rest of your life, or do you want to change the world?”