Pigs with long-term memory

Every single pig that we breed in our Cura Natura farms has an “Identity Card” starting from the moment in which it is born. In their Identity Cards we take note of every phase of their growth, vaccinations and preventions during the breeding period. When our animals are driven to the slaughterhouse, the information we have about them are written on a breeding certificate (Certificato di Percorso Vita), a document that identify every pig, describing their history and allowing an easy traceability of our final products.

Breeding certificate and farming traceability

The breeding certificate (Certificato di Percorso Vita) is an additional warranty that we provide about the high quality of our livestock farming. Both the breeding certificate and health knowledge documents prescribed by law accompany our pigs to the slaughterhouse. Moreover, all these documents are sent by email when our pigs are driven to the slaughterhouse.

The breeding certificate includes:


    • Date and place of birth: in our farms every animal has an identification P.O.D. alphanumeric code tattooed on its leg.


    • The zootechnical food used: in our farms we write a document reporting what kind of food our animals eat in every phase of their growth and we also take note of the production batch that corresponds with the eaten food.


    • Transfers undergone by our animals: in our farms the fattening phase of our animals is supported by copying the data that we have for each herd of pigs and pen.


    • Age and weight


    • Slaughterhouse of destination