Our quality supply chain step by step


The Cura Natura supply chain guarantees reliability and commitment in every production stage of our meat and it allows to know the details of every production stage. The livestock farming process starts with the use of natural and fresh zootechnical food coming from our region, that are created by the nutritionals of our Group.

The next step consists in our farming technique that follows the Cura Natura protocol, shaped around animal welfare.

Both feeding and breeding are meticulously documented and data are delivered to slaughterhouses along with breeding certificates (Certificato di Percorso Vita). This is why every cured pork meat factory that uses our meat will be able to trace back the origin of the meat used. Our meat is reliable and qualified and our clients can boast about those qualities with their customers.

Every branch of the supply chain, starting from the breeding and ending to our tables, is guaranteed with the reliability of a highly qualified breeding process and with the delicious, constant taste of a meat of excellence.