Its name is Cura Natura, a company that has inherited a three-generation knowledge in swine farming. However, swine farming is not just a work, it is mainly a philosophy that focuses on animal welfare as a business core mission. According to Maurizio Ferri, CEO of the company located in Castelvetro, farmers are still considered as “invisible” figures in meat and cured meats industry. This is why Cura Natura has concentrated its attention on communication, starting from the Web.

Our company web site has recently made its appearance on the Internet, where it describes our history, our people, our philosophy, our continuous research on psychophysical welfare of animals and the high quality and safety of our meat. The company slogan, “The livestock farming that you missed”, is well visible in the home page. Available in four different languages, our company web site is a dynamic showcase for information and curiosities that means to create a dialogue within the meat industry, meat plants and cured meat industry, keeping in mind the importance of export and all the services that Cura Natura can offer to its partners.

All our partners can log into the reserved area, where they can download documents, certifications, opinion polls and specific information. We also give space to every aspect that surrounds the swine culture, such as worldwide news and literary quotes.

For everyone who wants to find more information about this world, animal welfare is now just one click away.

3 rd May 2016